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Full Version: How Has Meetings Help You?
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can you all please tell me how meetings has helped you all please coz i still don't get it Undecided
Meetings for me get me out of my own head, listening to others and looking for the similarities, of which there are many, and keeping it in the forefront of my mind how destructive gambling addiction is to me and everyone around me. When I stop going to meetings, which I have done in the past, and seen many times from other fellows, that the old way of thinking creeps back in and the addiction convinces you to have that first bet. It also provides a platform for you to share your daily struggles and successes to like minded people who understand.

Addiction is an illness, and just like if I had issues with my kidneys, I would go and have dialysis, I have an addiction illness and GA is my medicine.

Rather than focusing on what you don't get, what is your current understanding of the meetings?