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Full Version: How are you surviving through coronavirus?
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If anyone wants to open up and share their experiences of how they are dealing with the current situation, feel free to share.

Journalling can be a positive tool that provides enlightenment and understanding.

Smartie xx

(ps....don't want to steal anyone's thunder so i'll post mine in a few days)

Is it healthy to live in fear of a virus.

Do I stay in doors because of my fears, or do I live in doors because I value myself.

The thing I can do is get down my needs lists and my wants and get focused on healthy habits.

It was never healthy for me to sit around and do nothing with my time.

This time can be used to over come my fears of procrastination and holding back from getting things done.

Can I change the bug, can I make other people respect me.

It is not the easy option to go out and when getting in public places we both put on our faces bacteria face masks.

We both wash our hands on a regular basis.

We both wash our hands on going out with bacteria cleansers,  then on our return back home we both wash our hands with bacteria cleansers.

There was a  time when I abused my body in so many ways.

The sad fact that just one unhealthy habit cost me over 3,650 a year, no one could stop me smoking, no one could stop me gambling, those both had to be my own choice.

I took inventory of much money my gambling addiction cost me, I use to be so angry with every one more so myself.

We have been in doors now for over 5 weeks.

We have not met with my son our grand children and not mixed with other people.

Before my recovery I was a very emotionally vulnerable person.

A emotionally vulnerable person is not a weak person, in fact the opposite often addicts have already survived many kinds of abuse or neglect.

Become a healthy person, to no longer be an emotionally vulnerable person I am able to have a voice and stand up for myself from a place of peace.

Any rage I would have today would indicate that that my inner child is not healed in a healthy way.

I no longer fear emotional intimacy.

I understand that my addictions and my obsessions were just the symptoms that I was vulnerable.

I no longer need to escape life people or life today.

Even though I am not connected with many people in a physical way I am more connected in emotional ways.

The recovery is only a manual to healthy way of living, if I choose to ignore the recovery program I am only cheating myself.
For me the recovery is slow baby steps in finding a healthier way of life.

Love and peace to every one.

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham 
Many GA groups are open on the same basis.  Contact them via their regional contact details if interested. Smile

Keep up recovery

in unity
Smartie xx


Hey Smartie! Big Grin

Hope you are well and coping with lockdown,

The second of April was my last gamble and after probably spending many 10's of thousands (if not 6 figures) pounds over the last 27 years, I finally had no choice bu to fo something about it, so lockdown has proven in a strange way to be very beneficial.

Over the last 19 days I have been having telephone counslling sessions thanks to GamCare putting me in touch with a counselling organisartion called BreakEven, everyone has been amazing and so far no temptation.

I am really looking forwards to being part of a Gamblers Anonymous meeting as soon as possible.

Anyone else going thru similar recently?

Hope you are all well  :-)

Before my recovery I use to worry about every thing and every one.

I would learn to reduce my fears, to reduce my anxiety, to reduce my stress and deal with one thing at a time.

I can live in fear of this virus and be stunted from, being productive.

Or I can have me need lists and my wants list, I can increase my goals.

It is not healthy for me to live in the past, it is not healthy for me to worry about some thing I can not change.

I live in doors not because of my fears, I use to masks when I go out, I use hand cleansers on coming back home and when leaving stores.

I understand that I use to live in fear yet by living in my fears did not change any thing.

Living and worrying in my fears did not resolve any issues in my life.

For me living in fears is not ehalthy.

How much am I willing to look after myself, how much am I willing to respect myself today.

Life is not a race, I am not willing to rush through life today, but to embrace it.

Love and peace to every one.

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham