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Full Version: I am addicted
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I am addiction

I start in small subtle ways promising many things,

I promise you enjoyment and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams,

I deliver guilt & despair more horrible than your worst nightmare,

I promise you power & courage,

I give you feelings of powerlessness & hopelessness,

I will force you to live in fear always,

I promise you relief and escape from all your daily problems,

I create for you greater problems than you ever imagined,

I promise you many friends,

I allow you only isolation,

I promise happiness,

I create much sorrow, I will steal from you your dignity ,your families, your friends, your children, your homes, your demons, your spirit & your life, for love, freedom & happiness are impossible to find in my presence,

So never underestimate me,

I am devious & manipulating,

I have no preferences as to who I pick as my victim, rich or poor, young or old, black, white, yellow or red,

I have killed men, women & children,

I have no conscience.

So if you have met me, always be aware if you think you can beat me that I will be gone from your life and all will go well again.

Never forget that I will always be there, waiting in the dark shadows just around the corner.

I am very patient and I will laugh in your face if I can lure you into my evil world of hell on earth once again.

I am addiction

Writing taken from the "GA Red book android app"