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Full Version: Do's and Dont's
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This website is for people who are either a compulsive gambler or who are family or friends of a compulsive gambler. The site is intended to help and support people and therefore should be treated with respect. Please see below for some guidelines

1 - Do not swear, verbally assault or abuse anyone in either your posts or your comments.
2 - Do not put any links to any other URL as they will not get accepted onto the forum.
3 - Do not enter your email address as this may be picked up by google.
4 - Do not enter your full name, address or telephone number as again this may be picked up by google.
5 - If you are making a post or a comment please try and relay your message as YOU see it and be HONEST with yourself.
6 - Do not upload any images as posts with images on will not get past the moderators.
7 - Please only put things that are relevant to this forum and the topic of compulsive gambling.
8 - Please check your spelling and grammar as the moderators will moderate content only.
9 - Please don't use specific amounts of money or use the names of any companies, invdividuals etc.
10- Most importantly enjoy yourself on our website, get support and be succesfull in your recovery.
11 - Gamblers Anonymous reserves the right to use any posted stories and comments in this and other publications.