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I have for the last 10years gambled both in bookmakers and especially on line,won and lost,but have increasingly found myself spending more and more time thinking about and gambling to the detrement of my work (lack of ambition) and my relationships with friends and family,everything has to fit around my gambling!!!! I continually chase losses to get level and if i start winning my stakes increase and any time i am not gambling i think i am wasting money because i would be winning.I answered 13 yes questions to the quiz.When i lose big i feel bad for a short while but then feel better as i vow to stop gambling and feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders,i even gave up for 2 months but towards the 2nd month was counting the days!!!
I dont really want to go to meetings as i feel i can do it on my own,has anybody else done this? or should i seek proffesional help.Even now when i have decided to stop i feel sad because i dont know what i will do with myself now.
thanks for listening.


Hi Mark

Ny name is Roy & I am a compulsive gambler.
I am paying off 6 credit cards, and the house is now mortgaged to the hilt.

I borrowed (stole) from my family.
I did not pay bills. I did not look after myself, my family, my animals.

I attempted suicide.

I found GA.
I initially answered yes to 14 questions.
I now answer yes to 19 questions.

I have not had a bet for 12 months.

You have a gambling problem, as you have said. The best bet you will ever make will be with GA, and it will cost you nothing!

Best wishes
Roy (from downunder)


Todays the day ive finally decided i cant do this any longer. I to have gambled in bookmakers and online and have now hit rock bottom. I know i now need help. Am i able to just turn up to my local meeting without phoning or attending an introduction meeting? im new to trying and any help or advice would be much appreciated