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My name is Andy,and Im a compulaive gambler.I havent had a bet now for 204 days,ive now managed to beat my last abstination by a few days and quite pleased about that.But life hasnt really got a shining light for me.Ive just been on a 10 day ski holiday,unfortunately I was ill for 7 of the days and didnt really enjoy,whether that is still down to gambling,I dont know.But nothing I do seems to make me happy,and nothing I do gives me a zest for life,I feel that all life has been drained from me over the years and I dont think it will ever come back.I still cant get myself to enjoy being around people because 99% of them are false and full of lies,in my eyes anyway,or the sharks that I seem to meet and that gives me an even more negative way of thinking about this world.Maybe this is down to gambling,or just that Im being completely real and honest about everything.Andy.


Hi Andy, Nice to see you back again. Sorry about you being ill on your holiday. I know what you mean when you say you don't have a zest about life anymore. It took me a good 18 months in GA before I began to feel life around me again. Us compulsive gamblers are very complicated and expect too much sometimes. Just try and live in the 'one day at a time' theme. If people are bothering you, just walk away and say, 'that's there problem not yours'. Keep at it Andy things will fall into place eventually. Unfortunately the illness we have will stay with us for the rest of our lives but the good news is that we can arrest it.
Come back here and vent anytime you feel like it. I find that there is some good advice on here. You are doing well and sound a lot better than you did 6 months ago.