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Full Version: How could I help my bf??
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Dear all,
My boyfriend has gambling problems. Though he told me about he went to the Casino and spent thousands of ppunds, he told me he has just stopped about months ago. However, the real problem now is he is still gambling but now is online. Its a thing that I cant control at all, as he has a username and password. When i asked him about he told me again that he stopped but its not true, he is still gambling. I dont know how i could help him, as i know its a big problem, we have confident and i asked lots of time, but the answer is always the same :"no i dont gamble any more"... but please, how could i help him as this bad habit is ruining our life??? please has anybody a good idea to help us?
thanks a lot!

Poster David

Hi "mybf",

Scroll down five items to "Advice to a gamblers partner please" submitted by Maria MKF and read the submission and responses. This should cover all your questions.

You have taken a big step in contacting Gamblers Anonymous (GA). Hope things work out for you.

Kind regards

'Poster' David (Barnsley)