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Full Version: i dont know wot to do for the best
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i really need help, my boyfriend gambles, horses, dogs fruit machines, i wouldnt mind him doing this if it was controlled . but his spending all his money. i pay everything to support our family , i pay all the bills in our home buy the childrens nappies with no help at all. because my boyfriend has his money for more inportant things betting. i cant take any more , im at the point now of wanting to walk away from him. the lies i cant deal with, even to the point where i have proof he still goes on and on lying. his always out , dont get me wrong he works hard for his money , but surley he cant exspect me to pay for everything on my own. familys share dont they? they dont leave it to the one person to provide for everything while the other gambles there money away and gets loans out when they have no money and then repeat it again the next month. i have no one to talk to, i have tried talking to him , he then gets upset and say he will stop. the amount of times i hear the word sorry. i dont trust him one bit , all because of the lying. to the point he swears on our sons life. but i love him so much. i dont help by lending him money all the time , but if i dont he will try and get a loan, i dont know what to do, his taken items i have brought for him and taking them to shops like cash converters for money. everything he had is in that shop. wot do i do? stay with him and know i dont trust him and get hurt , carry on supporting my children and my boyfriend paying all the bills alone and watch my boyfriend spend his money on betting and his debt due to betting. or just go and get on with my life with the children. i tend to find my self thinking how can some one be so selfish, he cant care about me if his willing to spend my few pounds for electric. im providing for the children, altho he's here and working. sometimes i think his cheating on me, as his out all he time ,then lies. my heads messed up with this all. is he? all is it the betting? or both. i dont understand anything , is this normal for someone to be like this who bets. who wakes up most morning with that on there mind , books days of work to watch horse festivles. can some one help me what do i do next?


Hi icanttakeanymore

Welcome to the world of the Compulsive Addicted Gambler. Sorry to read what you have been going thru. Unless he wants to stop, I am afraid that there is little you can do. <!-- sSad --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt="Sad" title="Sad" /><!-- sSad -->
You can certainly offer suggestions on where he can get help. (If he wants it)

Have you thought about attending a GAMANON meeting? This is run by & attended by relatives/friends of CG's. They would be able to provide you with some support. Alternatively try GAMCARE. They offer telephone/online.

In the meantime, keep your money very safe. As you have discovered, we will do what we have to, just so we can gamble . We are really not very nice people when we gamble.

Best wishes


i am an gambler addict myself so i know where your boyfriend is coming from but that does not mean i am trying to excuse him, have you tried talking to him, all i can say is if he doesnt accept he has a problem the sad truth is, he never will stop gambling. and maybe you should make some decesion to sway him otherwise, this may sound harsh but i lost my gf through gambling but it hants stopped me gambling but, it sure did slow me down, actually im getting better everyday, i have accepted the amount that i have already lost was never mine, and im trying but i do have relapases which is normal.

if he has accepted
step 1: ban himself from all bookies!!! local to him does not matter even near his workplace
step 2: try a gambling blocker, i purchase it today myself but it sounds like a SAFE BET lol

well i wish you all the luck in the world and i mean it, i made a vow today i would stop and i mean it, best of wishe's john


one more thing from john!

please understand it is a disease we have trust me!!!
but dont take it lightly on him because somtimes we need a can of whoop whoop to wake us up from sleeping!
because somtimes i still feel like im sleeping for the past four years! tc best of luck john