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Full Version: Y cant i stop
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I have just been paid today along with my staff bonus, i have also been working loads of over time for what, it has taken been less than half a day to lose my wage. I was just chasing my money and i cant seem to stop till i run out of money. I have just come clean to my mum and my girlfriend and we are having a sit down talk tonight, my mums understands as because since her and my dad got a divorce she been hitting the wine ever since.

i dont why i do it , i am guna get parental controls on my lap top and get my girlfriend to have my cards, but i know when i get paid i will want to gamble because i have debt, i just want this debt to go away and i feel free again , i wont seem to think gambling is the best way to make money,

i want to stop and i feel great coming clean , i just dont dare go to a meeting, and by what ive read on hear today does sounds like the meeting are worth while, im only 23 , what i am doing to myself

thanks for reading , Alex


Hi alex

If you can get to a GA meeting, get there. GA can help you.

As far as chasing your losses, we all did that. The trouble is that as CG's we tend to chase the loss until we have nothing left with which to punt. Not very bright! As for "the big win"...I had a few very good wins in my was never enough though...during the last 6 to 9 months of my gambling, I would not leave the venue until I was broke. It was a form of punishment,as I believed that I didn't deserve to win anything. No matter what I won, I ensured that it all went back in!

Debt is something we all have to live with. Some CG's will never be able to pay back what they owe. Others, like myself will be able to, but I have worked out that I will be about 70 before I finish that task. You are a young bloke, hopefully with not too great a burden of debt. Kick the habit now, live a bit prudently until the debt has been paid back, and VOILA!!! you will have the chance for a happy future.

Get along to GA.

Best wishes


Dear Alex,

We have all been in the position you are in now and admiting you have a problem and coming to this site is a great first step. First and foremost i would definatley get yourself to a local meeting, walking throught them doors for the first time is daunting but believe me its not as bad as you may fear. When i first walked throught the GA doors i was nervous as hell but as for the first time i had someone to talk to who listened and knew what i was going through, you are just as much help to us that attend as it will be to you! Im sure you will recieve a warm welcome and sound advice.

If you can trust the people around you to keep hold of all access to money you have then it is worth doing, this may not stop you gambling but it will limit the damage you can do, at the end of the day if we want to gamble we will find a way but the key is to put as many barriers in place as possible, firstly to make it harder and secondly delay us gambling which will hopefully make us think of what we are about to do adn allow us time to come to our senses. This is what i have done and it has helped immensley. Getting your self to a meeting will also aide you in so many ways as it did with me, i recieved great advice and as i went on i dreaded to gamble and having to tell fellow members i had failed, or being spotted going into a bookies by a fellow member again barriers in place to make us think. Another good tip for online gambling is a peice of software thats blocks gambling sites, once installed it wont let you go to any online gambling sites.

Abstaining from gambling is not easy, but it is possible, put as many barriers up as possible and open up to the people in your local meeting. Be true to yourself and the people around you, if you want it bad enough you will suceed.

All The Best


Well done on making a decision to stop, Alex.

You say you 'just don't dare to go to a meeting'- can I suggest that meetings will be your best bet to stop this compulsive behaviour, and if you feel any fear about attending, it is entirely misplaced.

A G.A. meeting is attended by people who share the same problem as you- they cannot, or could not stop gambling. Some of these people will have gambled recently, like you, and some will have stopped for months, years or decades. Either way, G.A. is not a place you will be judged- for entirely that reason- and the people there will possibly be the only people who really understand your problem- because they are there, or have been there themselves.

You do not have to talk at a G.A. meeting if you do not want to, and no-one will force you to.

And finally, what have you got to lose by attending a meeting? If you don't like it, just don't go again- but don't pass up on the chance to really help you stop gambling, just because you are afraid to walk through the door.


hi you say by coming clean you feel so much better , and the more you talk openly the better you will feel trust me on that . your mum and your gf will understand a bit of what your doing but in a GA meeting we will all understand it ALL . the meeting will be friendly and you wont be judged just listened to by people that have been through it all . good luck and get to a meeting soon . no one will tell you its easy its not but giving up gambling is POSSIBLE one day at a time . after 5 + years im looking forward to attending my 298th on weds . thank you GA for giving me my life back ken (bedford and luton )