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Full Version: lost control.
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I have always enjoyed a bet, and over the years I have picked some lovely winners across most sporting events. 2 years ago on my way home from the pub, I put a small amount in the roulette machine and won several hundred on one spin. Since then I feel it has taken over my life and now is close to ruining it totally, losing my family and friends all because of continued gambling. I dont seem to put that much on the horses. football bets even less. but when it comes to the roulette machine, I have put my whole wages in and more (wherever I can get money from) time and time again and never seem to be able to stop myself from going to play them. I was made redundant in November last year and didnt earn a wage until the end of Febuary, totally no gambling, but as soon as I got paid I was straight back in there. I was paid on friday last week and am skint already, doing several hundred pounds in 2 days and the rest during breaks at work. I havent told my missus yet as I think she will finish it, as this has happened so many times before I dont think she will be able to trust or forgive me anymore. I have lent money to play, sold precious items, I am so ashamed of myself I dont know what to do or where I can get money from as I need money to work. Ive lost control and want my life back. why cant I put my family first?


You really need to get yourself to a GA meeting....its the only proven way to get out of this continuous rut.

Do it sooner rather than later, as the longer you leave it, the more of your life you are wasting. You need the fellowship's help and they can offer so much advice.

Until you do that, you need to tell your mrs everything only then can you begin to accept you have a problem and only then can she support you in your recovery.

You are not alone...many people including myself have been there and without GA i would still be doing it.....give it a go....what do you have to lose, as it sounds like you are down in gutter right now.