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Full Version: 21 days down getting harder
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tim number13

3 weeks now, thought this was a breeze giving up, royal ascot this week read every page in the paper apart from the racing section until now today took a sneaky peak at yesterdays results felt really guilty. (probably would have had that horse oh and that one) never had a bet but felt guilty about looking. friends i had for a long time dont seem to be calling after i told them i was never gonna bet ever again maybe i'm getting paranoid.previously people phoning always started the conversation with hello tim hows your luck (usually followed by rubbish) i passed a bookie's today somewhere nobody would ever know me could let slip to the wife ,and for a split second i considered going in only to think if i do i'll lose my missus and kids that aint gonna happen i need to go to g.a this week get some stuff off my chest otherwise someone is gonna feel the wrath of my anger and frustration only the last couple of days has this come about hopefully tomorrow i'll wake up happy again


Hi tim number13

Hang in there Tim. We know it's hard. But it does get easier. The longer you abstain from gambling, the easier it becomes.
You have to always be on your guard though. One small slip is all it takes. That means me as well as you. I don't want to go back to what I was.

One day at a time.

Best wishes


Hi Tim

Just like roy has said we cant let our guard down as of yesterday i was 5 months off a bet and for some reason i had a bet even though it was only a few pounds its doing it that causes the biggest heartache.My wife booted me out on jan 19th 2010 and i only just moved back home at the beginning of the month and i was stupid enough to have a bet again as those days not living with my wife and kids were the worst days of my life and i never want that again but was stupid to have a bet and jepordise everything again.

"We must always be on our guard"



re woodley just tried to show the wife your reply, sorry to say she reckons you obviously dont love your wife and kids enough, where as i know how hard this is, me and her been getting along so well i dont want to over explain this is a illness something that takes over all the good side of your brain, its hard really hard, she's forgiven me for what i've done but i fear i'm forever in her debt, any argument i'm a gambler, any disagreement i'm a gambler, its hard turning a blind eye but i gotta woodley and i hope you can too dont lose your missus to this rubbish, your kids are everything, i'd love a beer with you good luck