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My name is Barrie and I am a compulsive gambler.

2 things...first thing is I posted a long long story the other day not shown on the website forum, that disapointed me!!!

Second thing I was replying to a thread by a lad under the tagline "my nan thinks I have a gambling problem"

This was by someone who obviously didnt wish to give up however what is the point of twelth step, to tell others why they shouldnt and also to help others.

No matter if those of us that fight this desease daily may be upset by someone's ignorance we should still be able to control emotions.

I hate gambling and what it did to me but we shouldnt remove stroies just because the writer offends by there ignorance.

For me its just another beautiful day free from gambling.




Big Dave,
Firstly thanks for letting me know on the points.

I have no intention on not replying to threads as I have no intention today to gamble.

I understand my posts are sometimes long, it is just a measure of my feeling towards gambling and what it did to me, cal it emotion.

I also like to express my words in long ways to describe my feelings etc.

As for the thread that was becoming a little fight of wills, we must remember there is a person who is ruining his life at the start of that and also I understand its like banging your head against a brick wall but for someone to post on this site must mean they have in there subconcience a real thought they may have an issue.

Please dont take my post wrongly as I will always reply, its my therapy and I was not "having a moan" just stating a point.

Thanks Dave.

I hope my posts and replies help others as much as they help me.