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Full Version: rock bottom
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Sorry to hear about your issues just want to say your certainly not alone.

Get on the programme at GA and do it for no one but yourself.

Trust me a better life awaits.




hi jay.
i to have hit rock bottom i have gambled an insane amount of money over the last few months.
this week i even gamled the house hold money i even had to sell my prized collection for a pittence just to put food on the the table
But you can change i stopped gambleing for twenty five years.your partner also has to believe this .how can you convince Her that is going to be difficult.ask your partner what actions you can take such as a joint account getting rid of your credit cards.having your self excluded from bookies. only takeing a minimum daly allowenece if thats social contact With friends that gamble.if you online bet have the internet turned off.and contact your local GA and bring your partner with you to the door if possible.we both have a real battle on are hands.but what other options are there. a life of misery and and off luck