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Full Version: Help!!!!
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Mark A

Hello all! My name is Mark and i think today is the the first time i can truly admit that i have a serious problem.I have been gambling for as long as i can remember.Casino's,Bookmakers,Pubs,Bingo halls,Lottery,Scratchcards and recently(which i promised myself i would never do)internet gambling,my goodness the list is endless.I work very hard for a living but as soon as i get paid within a matter of days sometimes hours it is all gone and i just can't go on living life like this.
I have lied,dishonest and stolen from those very close to me.I have borrowed money that i can't afford to pay back and i guess i have comuppence still to hit me but i think if i can start being honest with myself then hopefully life will start to feel good.
Sorry for rabbiting on but i just hope there is someone out there who can offer me some advice.
Take care everyone.


Hi Mark.

I think you have made the most important step in stopping, and that is being honest with yourself and admitting your problem.

Try going to the home page and clicking on the About tab and then "Am I a compulsive gambler". It will help you identify the extent of your adiction.
The next step is the same for all of us. Invest some time in your recovery by finding out where your nearest meetings are (again from the Home page, Meetings tab) and go to some GA meetings. You will meet people with similar problems to you and be able to hear how others deal with them.

Take Care

My name is Chris and I too am a compulsive gambler and have not bet for 18 months now