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Full Version: Today is the day I stop!!
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I have been an addicted gambler betting on everything there is all my life! Whats worse is my dad is also an addicted gambler and I saw how this drug killed the family, yet I am doing the exact same thing without hesitation. Everytime I get paid or receive any money, it goes straight on gambling. I am now in constant debt have the worst possible credit rating and on the border of losing my love! But today from 1.00pm till the rest of my life I will be strong and not gamble, will be going to meetings when I can and banning myself from all online sites! I lost all my savings today (money that was going to be a deposit for a house) and cried for about 2hours, I have wasted too much of my life thinking I can beat the bookies and casino's, hopefully my mind will stay clear and focused and this really will be the first day of the rest of my life x
Hi paul
Just want to wish you will find great support here.


Thanyou for the support much appreciated and needed!! Well havent had much chance to think of gambling as more worried about my fiance and mum after having told them last night all about the lies, was the single hardest thing ive ever done but still a much needed act to do! Just reading everyone elses stories seems to help, not sure why. I am touched how everyone is pulling together to fight this drug, hope we all stay strong xx