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Full Version: Day One
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Had a very bad nite last nite and have been lucky to still be alive, today I think i have hit rock bottom and I admit i cant
go on the way I have been so im gunna try an sort it out. i started gambling when i was 18 in fruit machines an this had led to horses dogs and roulette machines. i have spent all my spare money on gambling and have not a penny to my name an feel that i have lost everythin. i still owe on loans and have no way i have to pay this back. Im looking for help an this is the easy bit i know there r some vary tough days coming up. will i gamble 2moro i dont know, but i havent today so that must be a start.

Poster David

Morning Mikey,

Day Two today.

Not gambling on day one is a very good start.

Attendance at Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings would be another step forward. Click on the "home" page, then click "meetings". GA meetings take place across the United Kingdom at various times and places, over the full seven days in a week.

Take the time to find your nearest meeting and then make it a priority in your life to attend. Stay away from the first bet one day at a time.

Yours in GA unity

'Poster' David


First step admission...Today is a better day and you will not solve all your life problems in one Go.

It takes diligence day by day, resistence to cast urges aside and I hope through GA you see the light and take the path i took.

The choice is albeit yours.


Hey thanks for the msg guys. I mean it so helps knowing I'm not all alone an there is help out there 4 me. I also have a drink problem an attended an aa meeting last nite where I met a chap who has both gambling an drink problems. An we have exchanged numbers an speak. Day 3'is almost over an it is hard but day by day I feel a bit better an I look bk at Saturday an I never wanna go bk an when I get tempted I ring someone an we speak an r honest wit each other an it really does help

Jus wanna say thanks