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Full Version: My Brother
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I am hoping for help and advice. My brother has a whopping gambling and compulsive lying problem. But he is totally inaccessible about it. I am not sure he even knows there is an issue. He is going to be thrown out and I am worried we are heading for that phone call saying he is dead.



Hey Roo,
I to have a brother, when i was 21 we didnt talk much i was and still am a CG. Not much has changed since then apart from I dont gamble anymore.

I know this is not what you want to hear but CGS only usually change when they have no where else to run, no where else to hide, I hit that rock bottom.

It took me a long long time to hit it though and all my brother could do really is try to somehow understand (not guide) and certainly not bail me out.

Now they see a different me, I hope.

I also hope that love is the word of the day.

If your brother gets "kicked out" then its his own fault, if he becomes homeless its his own fault and until he matures or finds the realisation to admit he is a CG then all you can do is try to find some common ground for discussions make him feel like you know the real him.

That will be tough imotionally. But you will get through that.

I hope he finds GA..its a good place to be.

If you want to help try talking to other CGs because like me he doesnt really wish to be like this and should he choose to go to GA and find a good path he will see its a good road.