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Full Version: Overcoming my addiction
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Hi folks ,
Im a CG ive not had a bet since 22nd August or there abouts.ive read a lot of stories tonight and its really eye opening.
I see myself in a lot of the stories told.Ive been very strong with my willpower I even went to a famous race meeting last week and stayed strong.It wasnt easy I can tell you all.

I suppose you could you could say it was like an alcoholic in a pub or a drug addict being offered free drugs .But I stayed strong.My darling wife is aware of my addiction ,i told her everthing about my deceipt,lies ,cover stories and why I had mood swings.

We,ve now sorted out financial arrangements,I have no credit card ,am self excluded, she opens the post and has full access to my email account etc.

It has nearly ruined my family ,my wife is devastated,she doesnt trust me with anything.Thankfully Ive come to my senses after years of gambling and lying.Im determined to stay strong and shall keep you all informrd.

Please remember folks stay strong ,those with a family look around you.There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Thats very good that you have managed that thus far.We always say 1 day at a time in GA.But if you continue to go to race meetings the disease WILL get you back and you WILL have a bet.The only advice I can offer you is to steer clear of any gambling abodes of any kind as willpower alone will not work,but if you do the GA way it works,as I have found out myself after hundreds of attempts at arresting it on my own.I am now bet free for 482 days,but only because of doing the ga way.Good luck and may your days be bet free.Andy

Poster David

Hello Dougal,

Thankyou for your comments. You do not mention whether or not you are actively attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings?

Not sure why you went to the races last week? I presume you had a 'cast iron' reason for attending - like maybe you're the racecourse manager and make your living there - and you had to open the gates so that numerous other people could make theirs too? If you went just for morbid curiosity to see whether you could manage, on will power alone, to not have a bet, i'd say you're playing with fire.

Take heed, people who play with fire eventually get burnt!

The "home" page here has a link to "meetings". I would recommend you check out where your local meetings are and then go and attend some. I would recommend this course of action to anyone reading this who thinks they may have a problem with gambling. Attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings, spending time in the company of other real people with a common aim (not placing a bet) really helps my recovery. It may be that it can help yours too and make it even better than you think it is.

Take care

'Poster' David


Hi poster David , thanks for youre reply.

No I havnt been to GA meeting yet.

The reason I went, was it had been organised via my partner quite a bit previously ,it was a corporate hospitality event which my partner had been looking forward to.
She watched me like a hawk but I can assure both you and myself that I stayed strong.

Again because of my addiction and stupidity I nearly ruined a fun day for somebody else !

I still havn't put a penny on since I quit .I intend to keep my fingers burn free.

Once again many thanks