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Full Version: hello fellow suffers
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hi there. i am new to this and want to get better and beat this nasty addiction. any help or kind words will be greatly appreciated. i used to have a decent life but 8 years ago was overcome and consumed by gambling and high street bookies. these have been the curse of my life since and been the cause that i find myself a very lonely individual without the precious company of ex friends and family who have been driven away by my indiscretions. finally i have made the step to admit and ask for help. its been a long and frustrating road but i am now here and my only wish is to recovery and be the person i once was. lets hope i am strong enough to cope with it all as this is my last role of the dice. take care everyone and stay clean. all the best.


hi i am new to this site too , i have been free from gambling for 32 days whereas i would only have managed possibly 32 hours before, i have started attending my local GA meeting and have found it has helped so much, you need to have an open mind and at first it is a bit nerve wracking if you have never told anyone your story but the relief i felt was unbelievable and the acceptance into the group made me feel i was not on my own and that i can beat this illness, all i can say is go to your local GA meeting and give yourself the chance to have support from people who know exactly what you are going through;your family and friends will come back to you in time its just a case of building up the trust again , persevere it will be worth it in the end and well done for making it this far tc x