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Full Version: Self destruction why?
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macca18 Wrote:Anyway what i want to know is why do we as gamblers go into a self destruct mode where we lose all sense of reality. I mean why do we go to the point of losing everything that means the most to us i.e. loved ones.
Gambling is a horrible disease/illness and should be given more publicity.
How these big firms are allowed to advertise on tv knowing that they are praying on the weak and insecure is something i cannot understand.

Over the years i have wasted thousands and thousands of pounds knowing that i am never going to win, so why do we do it?
Yes addiction/illness but my opinion is it is a form of self abuse to ourselves, why?
This is the question i want know.

If only compulsive gambling could be tied up in a nice little package with a bow on it and a solution of how to solve the problem attached...that would be nice wouldn't it?

Sadly addiction and compulsive gambling don't have simple answers.
So what do i do?
Well GA offers me a solution.
The great thing is it works when i work it..but sadly the addiction keeps telling me its not that big a deal and I can simply stop and life will go back to normal.
Sadly that approach didn't work for years and I've accepted what I am now and work the GA program daily. Not the easiest of answers...but its an answer that does work.

Why not look on the main ga page for all the answers as well as your nearest GA meeting to start the journey.
Smartie xx