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Why I needed to stop gambling - stamps - 24-03-2018

My name is  Stamps  and I am  a C. gambler,  my last  gamble  was on 01--04--2011
The reason I needed  to stop  gambling  was  very  obvious,I run  out of money, friends and  run  too  of  telling  lies  with all that  came  deception.
I knew  I was  destroying  myself  and  I could not stop, I did not  know   what I was doing I did not saw  reason  to stop I was always chasing  the lose and I was  getting  deeper and  deeper in to trouble  into  a big  hole  with not end  I was on the road  of  perdition  and  I thought  it was  normal  at the time.
I  was  gambling  , working , gambling  that  was my normal  day to day routine I was donating  everything to the gambling  establishment, nothing  was  important  than  been gambling .
I was  a nightmare  to  everybody around me I was  not a normal person I was isolating myself  from   everybody, I was selfish  on all  counts.I was  useless   with money
Things  I did to  stop.
I  did  control   to   all my incomes
I cancelled  all  my  bank accs, I do not   have  any bank  accs  at all
I took   the minimum   money with me   each day  in my pocket, (No fuel  no fire)
I attended   G A meetings.
In fact  I have not  access to money at all.
Stopping  gambling  gave  me another  outlook  on life  for myself  and  formy family, it  gave  me  that fredoom  of  living  in not  fear to  tell more  lies  , It  gave  me  a new me.
I now  appreciate  the value  of money  and I can   have  anything  I want  when I want,  one  example  is  been able to go on holidays  with not worry  to find  that  money .
In fact I was  a  slave  to  gamble, but not  anymore   things change  for the better    at the end, it is  incredible  what  we can  achieve   by no gambling .
That is  my way of  life  now   and it works  for me.
Many thanks  for reading,  my name is  Stamps

RE: Why I needed to stop gambling - Simmo - 06-04-2018

Hey Stamps,

Thanks for sharing, congratulations on your 7 years, fantastic achievement. Keep it going mate, one day at a time.