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Book donations - Radish - 16-12-2018

I never felt happy when I did a therapy at GA, so I decided to start writing it down on paper, before I knew where I was, the author in me came out and I have ended up writing a book about my life as a gambler, and the events and knock on effect around it - which ran parallel. It not out for another 1 - 2 months as still in the editing and proof reading stage. AsĀ one of many people who gambled and lost 'more' than just money I cannot thank the GA enough for giving me the strength to go onto the right road and I am going to make donations to GA itself. I may not make a lot of money (its not about that) but should any payments be paid to my local branch or to the actual headquarters instead? Which is best?

I did send an email to GA themselves but I did not get a reply so I have had to post it on here.

RE: Book donations - smartie - 17-12-2018

A controversial topic which is probably best handled by national Radish. I'd encourage you to try and get in touch with them again as this isn't really the forum for it.