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Last bet - Toby hope - 04-05-2019

Today i gambled and lost.  I cannot take it anymore.  I am at the end of my tether.  Toby.

RE: Last bet - smartie - 04-05-2019

Any thoughts on wanting to stop gambling? maybe now is the time to check out your closest GA meeting?

Smartie xx

RE: Last bet - RoccoDan - 08-05-2019

Been there myself too, my friend. Hold on to that feeling and don't try to drown it in anything. And act on it.

RE: Last bet - shoebox - 11-05-2019


There is help and hope out there my friend.

Please check out the literature on the website, this very much helped me in my recovery. I would get to a local GA meeting and see if that helps, it did for me. There is also councilling. I never had that myself, but it has helped a lot of people I have spoken too on here.

I would write down your last bet date and use this to build on, total abstance from gambling has worked for myself as the programme recommends. Me not having the first bet is the only thing I can control, anything more than that is out of my hands and in my addictions hands. And the wheel of misfortune starts to spin again...

Please feel free to use the chat function on here, there are some very knowledgable members on there that can share their experience, strength and hope.

In Unity