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what can say like so many of you I have gambled all my life and gained nothing
when I see friends what they have achieved happy marriages nice cars holidays friends who respect them what have I got a flat with second hand furniture bills I
cant pay,debts to banks family who dont want to know me,My children who are grown up now dont want to know me I can never sleep thinking about the next bet the only escape from gambling is when your skint, and you just feel like sleeping What I must have done in a previous life to suffer this way god knows
I think we get so used to mysery we cant do with out it and all this for the odd good win which we only gamble back,What I would give to turn back the clock and be happy with my family, you only realise what you have lost when it has gone
if I can help any young person to not end up with my sad lonely life to stop gambling richness is having your wife love you and your kids around you the sad thing it does not sink in when you are young a wad of notes in your pocket you think it will last for ever it never does I CAN VOUCH FOR THAT