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wasted days - messed up - 12-03-2010

today friday 12th march is the first day of my diary. i have gambled since the age of 17. cards, horses,dogs, football and now the evil of all evils fobt. these machines have taken a massive chunk of my wages over the last 6 years. always the same, start off small then you are big spins. losing eveytime. everytime a loser. i beleve that the government shouldmake them illegal as they ruin so many peoples lives.

i am 33 with 2 kids under the age of 5 and if i cant do it for them i may aswell give up.

my problems arise when i have money in my pocket. i cant wlk by a bookies or not think about going online when i have some. i have some debts but can manage these if i dont lose any more chunks of money.

pay day next week. is going to be a challenge . always worse around payday. ga meeting on wednesday.

need to stop

1 day gone