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Online Gambling - mw223 - 26-04-2010

Hey, this is the first time ive been on this website. Basiclly, ive been playing online roulette over the past year whilst at uni. Initally i had a big win of around a few thousand. Since then ive been slowly losing my winnings and cant seem to stop. Around 2 weeks ago i deposited some money in my online casino account, and since then i worked my way up to a fair amount of money. I thought i worked out a system, and i started to predict what numbers would come up - and they did! I should have cashed in then. Two days ago i bet on mid and high section of the roulette wheel and lost the money. I didnt stick to my strict system and instead just did a random bet. Straight away without thinking i bet a further amount of money on each section to try and recoup my losses. I lost. I was so annoyed with my self (being down a lot of money) that i did a series of stupid bets and eventually lost the lot. Right now im feeling sickened by myself, but im still itching to gamble despite losing the lot. Im just looking for anyone to share there experiences with me, or pass on some support. I cant believe id made all that money, then lost the lot within 10 minutes. I know i should of learned my lesson, but all i can think about is starting my system over again and cashing out after each day instead. However, i know that despite me saying this ill probably get greedy again and just carry on gambling till i recoup my seems like theres no way out apart from gambling

Re: Online Gambling - Caruso - 26-04-2010

Interestingly enough, I had a similar experience playing blackjack at my first online casino nine years ago - I won using a system, lost it all back and beat myself up for a few days.

Your roulette system did not work, nor will any other.

Re: Online Gambling - Guest - 27-04-2010

wow...thats almost so identical to my problem its uni and can't stop. when im up i want to keep going until its gone. went right down and managed to bring it back so i was in profit...gambling money i really don't have, doing stupid bets. When i lose my personality just diminishes, i get a horrible feeling inside me, and i regret it totally. getting to the point where friends are starting to notice it. my "stake and profits" change so i don't look bad...your not alone, i really want to stop. I should know theres no quick way to make laods of money.

Re: Online Gambling - dikod - 29-04-2010

i had never gambled ever and started betting on on line football. i turned hundreds into thousands in about a month then lost the lot when i got over confident. i recovered my nerve then repeated and won even more. I bet all on some foreign girls team winning whilst 2 goals up at 80 minutes. the other team scored twice in quick succession. as the goals were scored and i realised it was the other team and my blood started to run cold. well that was it. im 54, earn under the average minimum and live in digs and dont have a lot more savings but miss the buzz of feeling in control and being somebody. i dont smoke or drink and even live a vege lifestyle and wonder whether it all matters anyway. Thing is that every time its gone wrong I know why and believe that all i have to do is be more careful like the wealthy pros who have mastered what you need to know and their own weaknesses but something is telling me loudly that its a mugs game.

Re: Online Gambling - mw2233 - 30-04-2010

Yeah dikod, i know what you mean. Im seriously thinking about getting a huge loan from my bank and then playing with it all on online roulette. I keep saying to myself, ill build it up slowly, and not doing stupid bets or risking it all in one spin. I keep saying to myself, this time tomorrow, all my money worries will be over, and ill be back to my normal care free life. All it will take is an hours worth of betting....

Re: Online Gambling - Sigh - 30-04-2010

I don't know where to start,
It's a complete mess.

I don't really get an urge to gamble, can walk past a bookies no problem and zero interest, fruit machines - don't even notice them.

When I'm at work bored I play online roulette...........
I hate myself for it

I can't tell my wife as it would be the final straw.
My life is - should be good I earn pretty good money.

Yet I have (unbeknown to my wife) big credit card debt and a large loan
all through online gambling.

This month I got a bonus and promised I would pay off 1/2 my credit card bill................
I paid some and then today just lost the rest on roulette.

I'm so depressed by it all
In Feb I had to admit to my wife I had large amounts on the credit card, she went beserk,
I said it was because I had a go at the forex markets and lost.
Eventually we released money from the mortagage to pay it off..........

2months later and it's back to the same level, just through the roulette.

I feel so sick, yet how can I tell her that I lose all my (our) money on roulette.
Aside from gambling my life is really good, yet if I admit to my wife my problem I'm sur eshe'll leave me - which from her point is fair enough - I could see why.

Why do i do this to myself and my wife?
so so so sick of it.

Re: Online Gambling - Guest - 30-04-2010

Hey Sigh

i dont know about you, but ive been doing online roulette for 5 reasons

1) i thought it was an easy way to make quick money. I worked up a nice profit each day for about 3 hours work

2) im a student, and so dont have a lot of money anyway, and i saw gambling as a quick way to solve my problems

3) boredem - i started to play more and more - even when i was watching tv, i rationalised it to myself and said, 'i can either watch tv, or i can watch tv and play roulette at the same time)

4) when i lost, all i could think about was re-couping my losses quick, i.e. big and stupid bets

5) just the simple buzz of winning money. Despie this though, i cant stand actually playing roulette -when i enter the roulette table, the background music that they play sends a shiver down my spine and makes me feel sick - kind of like hearing an alarm clock buzzing whilst your awake

I know people say roulette can never be long term profitable, but i keep thinking to myself, if i have a big enough balance (several thousand), and i only place small amounts, surley it can never go wrong. But i know i wont stick to this system, and ill say to myself, i can either try to make a reasonable amount in 3 hours, or with 1 click of a button. Thats were i believe it goes wrong. and when it does go wrong, you kind of think, i could spend the next week trying to recoup what ive lost, or i can try and do it within a few spins. I know this probably seems like clasic compulsice behaviour, but i guess thats what being a gambling addict entails......