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acompulisive gambler were all the same - gph - 03-05-2010

HI IM GEOFF AND IM A COMPULLSIVE GAMBLER thats what i am. i hear alot on hear and in meeting about i was ok untill roulette casino bookmakers well i dont think it matters what we bet on.i would never of backed virtual racing 5 yerars ago but at the end i would put 4 figure bets on it because of quickness and in ladbrokes they had it every 2 mins my point is people who go on about say roulette is evill yes it is but dont loose sight that any form of gambling where losses mentalstate familly welfare are lost are just as even though i lost on horses dogs virtual footy it didnt matter it was just a bet that i could not afford to take i jut think all us with this problem are COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS ts where are unity should be not on what we gambled on but the fact we did for those abstained gph