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started again - Guest - 23-06-2010


About 3 years ago I started gambling online, I won and that was it I was hooked, made for life I thought all my problems will go, i can pay off this and that and ohhhhhhhhhhh the new cars etc etc etc. That money soon went back in along with thousands of pounds I used on credit cards, loans, the list goes on...
That was until my daughter found out what I was doing and shamed me into stopping, we talked as a family and I promised to never do it again, my husband stood by me and my daughters.

Now for the crazy thing I have started again, but this time I go out to do it to the slot places, they very kindly let me have a card to put on the machine so I can go out and get more money, why at the same time give me as much tea, coffee toast as I want.

Please help me somebody, my debts are still there from the last time, I lie all the time to cover my tracks, and Im so scared all the time that Im going to get found out or run out of money.

I need help.


Re: started again - DebraT1 - 27-06-2010

Sorry to hear about your bad luck, but PLEASE do not give up hope of ever stopping, I had four attempts at GA before it finally hit home. I have now been clean for almost four years (thanks to my higher power) and if I can do it, SO CAN YOU. In the first few days or weeks and even years, I still play the ONE DAY AT A TIME rule. Best wishes and good luck for the future, DT