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What to think? - JASON07 - 07-07-2010

Hi there everyone,

My name is Jason and I have been gambling on and off for the last 4 years, must have lost in the region of a lot which might be not a lot to some people but to me, all i been thinking about is what i could of done with that money.

I recently lost 2 weeks ago and felt really low, havent been my self since then but now as time is going past i am getting better.

I have promised my self never again, i have a fionce who is really special and its been 14 days since the incident and i havent gambled and wont do.

One thing that helps me a lot is coming here and going on gamcare to read people's stories, that really helps.

I just keep on thinking of what i could of done with that money but as lot of my friends say, learn from it and imagine you blew it on a holiday, i am going on holiday in a week and need to spend anyway.

I wish everybody good luck with their challenges in life, one things for sure, this was my wake up call and i wont be ever feeding them greedy bookies and online money traps.

Thank you