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Started again - jasonm - 15-07-2010

Well as the title says sadly Ive started to gamble again after nearly a year without doing so,Iam unable to goto any GA meetings because of work comitments but am dertemined to start again.Iam here as a sounding post really,to listen and to learn from people who understand what its like to have this addiction and know how to control or beat it.Reading the story`s from other people on the site brings it home to me how distructive this addiction is and within in time I hope it will also give me strength to fight this addiction once and for all,Iam glad ive found thiss site and hopefuly its the first step to finally beating my Gambling addiction thankyou.

Re: Started again - kinnor - 16-07-2010

Hi jason, you have stayed one year clean, without gambling, it's great!!!
Don't loss all you've won in this time(serenity, happinness.....)
If you continous to gambling you'll feel worse than before; STOP now please.
Good luck