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help needed - Guest - 23-08-2010

Hi there. I am strarting to feel that my gambling is getting out of control. I bet on sports, mainly rugby and rugby league, which i love to watch and play. I find that every game i watch i have to have a bet on it and more often i lose than win. I have given up before and was great but then i think just a little bet won't hurt but before i know it i'm placing bigger and bigger bets trying to recover what i have lost. I think i am lucky so far as i'm not in debt or have a family to support but i have to change if i want to start a family , buy house etc in the future. I'm living week to week on my wages and i'd love to just stop cold turkey and watch my balance increase normally than hoping my gambling will increase my bank balance. The thing is i know i can't win, the house always wins etc but i still bet when i can. The only time i don't is when my rent, car insurance bills are due. This is the first step in hopefully a gamble free life. I would love any help, comments, thanks. I'm shaking just writing this post but feel good i'm doing it as it has to be done

Re: help needed - Molly - 25-08-2010

You've asked for help that is a great step. There is a lot of help available for you. I would suggest excluding yourself from gambling establishments and putting bocks on your computer for a start, removing the temptation to gamble.
GA have meetings , you can find out where and when there is one near you. There are also other sites that offer support. There are advisors that you can contact in organisations. You are not alone! It is a difficult road, but well worth the effort to begin to enjoy your life again as it should be!
All the best to you