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gambling - out of control - 10-09-2010

i am writing this post today as i feel totally out of control. i have lost alot of money in the past couple of weeks. even when i am winning i just throw it all back into the machines. i tend to play on the blackjack and roulette machines.

why i play on these machines is beyond me. i am a successful proffessional, however i throw all of my earnings into these machines and try to live off nothing. i make my life so hard doing this.

i have gambled for around 6 years now. it became a problem about 3 years ago. i have had spells where i have managed to stay away however. after so long it keeps pulling me back. there is no GA meeting in my area. i feel totally out of control.

i cant tell my partner as i fear she will leave me. i dont really know where to turn for help. i would like to attend meetings however due to my busy schedule and lack of GA meeting in my area this is difficult.

Re: gambling - Guest - 11-09-2010

hy yer i have the same problem about the ga meetings! i also play on those machines! i dont know why i play but i think i think im good because ive won a lot of times but i've also lost the same amount! i also try to live on nothing e.g. i got payed friday and i have no money now! it sucks and got to stop! but how? its v hard aint!