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weak, and seem to have no will power - Guest - 18-09-2010

im back again, as much as im desperatley wanting to stop this stupid money throwing away, im pathetic, i know i wont win, as iv put in my previous posts, its not really about winning, i dont know what it is, i want to save up and doing this i cant, my heads allover the place, cant concentrate due to realising what im doing.

one problem i can sort, on tuesday, when i get some money , is to put a block on my 2nd laptop, i swear by the blocks and are worth every penny. but iv got the local arcade problem, when i have time on my hands and arnt with the better half, iv been going in, i really dont know what to to do , how to go about it, i almost started a college course but due to the college funding it fell through, must admit feel real down with that, im looking into trying to do something else,but , hey , i dont know. I thought i was in control , but really , there isnt no responsible gambling, but i guess thats my opinion.

im really sorry for a muddled up topic, its how i feel right now, mixed up, love to go to a GA but havent got one here, and the one i could go to is 18 mile away on a night time. i know i need help now.