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new to this - Guest - 23-09-2010

I have always gambled from the day as a thirten year old boy when my dad used to place bets for me right until the disaster that as become my life. The need to bet is destroying me and I dont know where to start to put things right. please help and point me in the right direction

Re: new to this - mrkurt - 24-09-2010

Call the helpline now

Re: new to this - melissa - 27-09-2010

Get yourself to a meeting John. Im assuming you live in Barking, Essex. There are meetings nearby. One in Hainault on a Thursday, Loughton on Tues, check out the list of meetings in the area. Come along to one and you can start bet free day by day.

Re: new to this - Guest - 29-09-2010

First step admission!! next step speak to others about your problems, try a meeting John I hope you tackle this and living day by day with a better more positive thinking.