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25 years of pain ! - lomax57 - 03-11-2010

hi names jerry - am a compulsive gambler ; here i write stuck at home on week of from work , no money , minimal food to last till payday - no car to go anywhere !! just asking myself how it has come to this low level at my age of 41 ; 25 years of this pathetic way of living .. living in debt , borrowing ,spending every penny ,every thought ,every plans on this gambling desease - waking up at 3am with anxiety to check a late football game on the pc - which ends in desperation when lost .. well get mad & bet again .. cant go on like this .. got to admit defeat , have lost & cannot win ..ever ; thanks for reading

Re: 25 years of pain ! - Barrieexgambler - 05-11-2010

Hey!! Welcome to openly admitting you have a seriosu problem that cannot be "quick fixed". Its not about age jerry 41, yeah you should have a car, should have money. But your a CG, just like me and I know where that took me.

Go to a meeting, get on a programme, dont and I say dont believe the next pay day will solve your dreams. The 2quid for a bus to a meeting will be far more rewarding than loosing your next pay check.

Just give up, admit you cannot win and live a day by day.

That way you WILL have a car, will have nice things.

Good Luck.