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Success, for now. - mo8865 - 25-02-2011

Hi, I just want to let everyone know that I have been bet free for 110 days. I have spent the last 110 days wondering what on earth I did with my life for 27 years. Attending GA meetings have literally saved my relationship, my sanity, my dignity and my life.
My whole perspective on everything has changed and I am a better person for not gambling. I thought that at the first sing of pressure or anykind of letdown, I would be staight on the fruits or online bingo. It hasn't happened that way. I got rejected for a job just yesterday, a job that I thought I was perfect for, but hey I'm not perfect, and I did not even think about gambling. I f that had happened 4 months ago I would have gone mad with the betting.
I am a better person now and that is down to attending GA meetings and having a goal in my life, bot the goal of the big win, or the next ones gonna pay out, but the goal of a better life for me and my partner. Thank you GA, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me

Re: Success, for now. - amber0805 - 25-02-2011

Hi Mo. Well done. Keep it up. Im fairly new to G A . Been going for about 5 weeks now. My last bet was 14 jan. I agree with you that the meetings are a great place for you to join. Its the fellowship that keeps you going. Each day is new and each day without gambling is great acheivment. Carry on with the success. x