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Relapse on Fruit Machines - Volcanoaddict - 26-02-2011

I used to be a compulsive gambler on fruit machines which aided to the break-up of my marriage and caused me to go bankrupt. I plucked up the courage to attend GA but was advised that the best course of action was to avoid any places with fruit machines. After a while I stopped attending GA and went solo.

I managed to curb my gambling habit over the years but recently my new wife got a well paid job running a club which has high-stakes fruit machines. I have recently started playing them again in moderation (nowhere as bad as I used to) although I know I shouldn't. I am worried that this could lead me down a slippery slope. I do not wish to end up how I used to be.

Is avoiding fruit machines altogether my only option as this is definately not possible in my circumstances?

Re: Relapse on Fruit Machines - helen - 26-02-2011

You asked a question and you also answered it!! You would not have come on here without a doubt in your mind. You say they are not a 'problem', well not YET!! You have been to GA meetings so you know the program and how it works. Why put temptation in the way? I never tempt myself as I know it would only be a matter of time before I was living in misery and hoplessness once again.

Re: Relapse on Fruit Machines - Volcanoaddict - 27-02-2011

I fully admit that playing fruit machines in my case is a problem. The temptation is there, but for extended periods of time I am able to avoid playing them altogether. I'm just wondering if there is any other way to curb my desire to play them other than avoiding the objects altogether? When I'm amongst friends or if I'm playing snooker or pool etc, then I do not notice the machines at all. It's only when the boredom factor sets in that I feel the need to play them.

Re: Relapse on Fruit Machines - Guest - 27-02-2011

As a fellow gambler, and somebody who has played fruit machine in the past, I understand that the 'addiction' does not lead to rational thoughts / actions.

I'd like to make the following observation which I hope may help you view your situation in a more rational manner - it is certainly not made to try to be clever or demeaning to your addiction.

My point is simply this - is it realistic to consider that you can beat a fruit machine that is controlled by a computer chip - especially when the computer chip is programmed to generate profit for the organisation that provides it. You may be lucky in the short term - but have to be extremely optimistic to expect to make a profit in the long term.

I hope this thought may at least make you stop and think before continuing with your wagering.

With best wishes however you proceed.