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Re: Online Bingo Addiction - gailyt - 01-03-2011

Hi there,

Im in the same situation as yourself. Except my husband doesnt know the FULL extent of my problem. I have spent all morning trying to find software that you can download to stop you gambling online. I started with the bingo, then progressed to slots.

I have tried telling hubby but he thinks im being daft and dont have a problem. My friends just laugh at me and think its nothing. I cant bring myself to tell them exactly how much Im spending. Every night I get kids in bed and laptop out and get onto the site. Before I know it, I have lost hundreds. I dont sleep at night for worry, I hate myself for being so damn stupid !!

I have tried doing different things, but the urge sometimes is too much. I tell myself, "just a small amount", but next thing its a large amount and nothing to show for it.

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Good luck to you. x

Re: Online Bingo Addiction - helen - 02-03-2011

Hi sam, Mandy etc, Don't do what I did! I gambled away everything, including husband, family, car, home. When I finally admitted I had an addiction to gambling and started in the Ga program I nothing else to lose, but you can reclaim your life back just ' A Day at a Time', by following and implementing the 12 steps. There is no magic cure and I will have this illness for the rest of my life but I love the life I have today and hopefully I can help other people coming here for help. If you have any questions, please come here and someone will come along to answer for you.

Re: Online Bingo Addiction - Guest - 08-03-2011

BigDave Wrote:Hi Sam

So, how did the meeting go?

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)

Hi Dave

Its tonite am getting very nervous