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day1 - fathersoon - 01-03-2011

i have sunk to the lowest of lows.
i have used my partners bank accout(again) to feed my gambling habbit.

i tell my self "one more bet and al get that money back" but her am sitting down and dreading my partner checking er account. i now will worry so much until i have the courage to actually tell her.

i need to stop. simple as that. i have a child on the way and i just need t stop. i hope i can do this through the support of people on here as im struggling to make the meetings.

ive gambled for as long as i was alowed in the bookies but only in the last 2-3 years i have gambled real heavy. where throwing hundreds in roullett is not uncommon.

this is day one i know i can get thur at least one day..#

Re: day1 - Father soon - 01-03-2011

wel that never worked. Already lost some money and feeling like recouping my losses by going back. I need to self exclude from all bookies in the area. I reason that would be the biggest help.

Keys commence day 1 again from now. This has to happen for me.

Please let me stop gambling from now.

Re: day1 - JJ - 01-03-2011

Mate get your self to a GA meeting asap ,there should be one near you ! Good luck

Re: day1 - mrvish11 - 02-03-2011

Get to as many ga meetings as possible as soon as possible. August 27th was the last time I ever gambled and it was the best thing I ever did as it made me realise I am fed up of the gambling world but I can't beat it alone so I made the decision to return to GA. The ONLY way to beat gambling is to go GA. Trust me.