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slot addiction - denny - 10-03-2011

Hi. I am a slot addict. I have been out today and lost everything I had - almost for the month and now have to pull back for three weeks until I get money again. I really want to give up slots but I cannot stop myself from going to the casino and playing them every time I have money. It makes it worse that I am up in the early hours so go out to a 24 hour casino at around 3am when money goes in my bank. No matter how many times I say it will just be a small amount I cannot stop until most of my money is gone. It has ruined my relationship. I split up with a partner of four years in November 2010 because I was spending all my money and using his to keep my house and kids going. In some respects splitting has taught me some common sense because I know I have to keep some money over to pay my mortgage and food. But the money I keep over is never enough. I end up pawning my kids possessions and borrowing money off them at the end of every month. I have just phoned my local GA line and will be attending my first meeting next Monday. As at this moment in time I have more money than at any time since November as I only gambled about a few hundred today - not everything as I said in my opening sentence. But the money I have left has to pay bills amounting to more - which is an impossibility I know so it feels like everything is lost. Oh I am rambling on just to try to get things clear in my head. I wish so much I had never started playing slots. I never ever thought I would become addicted to them and here I am after three years with mounting debts and bad credit and court letters It gets beyond a joke. Please if anybody has any suggestions to how to break this cycle I would be grateful for your support. Many thanks.

Re: slot addiction - Winnie - 10-03-2011

Hi Denny,

Hang in there till your meeting, try checking this website out as often as you can to remind yourself
that you want to stop.

The meetings will help you but you must attend as much as you can, more than one meeting a week if possible
In my experiance people that attend meetings on a regular basis, at least once a week will have a much better chance
of keeping their gambling at bay. It will work if you really want it to and you follow the program.

Take one day at a time ! Just for today - Do not Gamble

Good Luck for the future x

Partner of a GA member and a member of Gamanon......

Re: slot addiction - Barrieexgambler - 11-03-2011

Hi Dennie,
When I was in the midst of gambling I would relly on others for my support ie the people who were involved in my life. I dont wish to be as hard on you as you probably feel at this moment but there are reasons. I to was heavily addicted to fruit machines ie slots, it started from an early age and I thought it was JUST ME.

I met a girl and relied on her, no longer burdening my family but burdening her. Our romance was awesome as she was in love and I was still gambling, wow it was great until the effects of my gambling had direct implications on her. That is when I came Clean so to speak.

I found GA and still I didnt really understand this desease. You see for me a "insecure, weak person" my escape was always my gambling, it was escape from reality, escape from the serious stuff in life.

I thought the next 6months of absitinence were bliss (gambling free) but my future was still not clear as If anyone needed to fully give up they must want to also.

Me and my fiancee broke up and my burden switched then to family. I decided very late in life that I had to do something very large about this, so I did.

I know the thought proccess and I understand the thought proccess but you must break the cycle.

Go to GA, speak to others in the same situation and you will get help.

Take Care.


Re: slot addiction - helen - 11-03-2011

Hi Denny, I will not wish you luck!! The GA programe is not an easy fix, it takes hard work, especially in the beginning and you have to be ready to work through the program. I try never to miss a meeting as this is probably one of the first signs that I am slipping back into my 'old' ways. You are no different from anyone else that goes to a GA meeting, everyone there is for their gambling addiction. But over the years I have seen many people come and go and only the fortunate one's stay and reap the benefits.
Give it a go and let us know what you think.