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help geting to meeting - Macy - 29-04-2011

I am a compulsive gambler and need to go to meetings but I live in a village with little public transport, I am currently out of work due to my problem and can only afford the train fare to a meeting in London once a week if there is any1 who goes to the St Albans meetings and would b able to give me a lift from a neighbouring village I would greatly appreciate this. I hope to start work in a couple of weeks after then would be able to pay towards the petrol.
if any1 could help me I would b very grate full as I am struggling to cope with my addiction please reply to this post and discuss if u could help me
many thanx

Re: help geting to meeting - Guest - 29-04-2011

Hello Jen,

I would suggest using the contact us tab on this website and then sending a message to the female liason officer for ur region. They could make enquiries for you regarding if someone at that meeting could give u a lift. It would be safer than swapping details on the forum.

Wish i lived closer so i could help.