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keeping clean - andy again - 16-05-2011

My name is Andy and I am a compulsive gambler.I have managed to stay clean and free from gambling for 358 days today,the longest I have managed in many years,but I know I am only 1 bet away from disaster.I have attended some meetings,but cant always go as I am more broke now than I ever was even when gambling,all due to lack of work,huge debts,and business collapsing.It has been such a tough year,and I never thought I could go 1 second without a bet,after the many states ive been in over the years,but so far my programme has worked for me,by just taking 1 day at a time.Life is still crap,but I dont think I am recovering as much as I could,due to a number of reasons I guess.Life is a lonely trip on your own,and without anybody I find it much harder,but hopefully I will continue crawling along in the correct direction,and just for today I WILL NOT GAMBLE.Andy

Re: keeping clean - andy again - 17-05-2011

Thank you,big dave.