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Hypnotherapy - davjbl542 - 03-06-2011

Hi there, my partner is a compulsive gambler of 20 years and has recently had a relapse. He is committed to restarting GA meetings, however I wanted to ask if anyone has tried hypnotherapy as an aid to helping their gambling addiction and if so if its helped.

Re: Hypnotherapy - xknrprfpm - 03-06-2011

I tried it many years ago, and whilst it was an extremely relaxing couple of hours taking my mind off things, I didn't feel it achieved any benefit for me. Was worried it was because I was not a suggestive person, and therefore unresponsive to hypnosis therapy. But, having stood on a table acting as a chicken at a Christmas party a few years later, I discarded that notion.

However, my first GA meeting last night, whilst not a Eureka moment, feels like it has guided me towards the initial stages of acceptance of my illness,and if not recovery then at least management and coping.