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GA meetings - millerman84 - 03-06-2011

Hi there, today is the first time I have been on the site, although if I am honest it is not the first time I have realised I have a gambling problem. I was just wondering a. what actually happens at meetings? and b. In other site users opinion are they worth going to?

Re: GA meetings - wzpbqnzkd - 19-06-2011

Yes, they are worthy to go, I only have been once, but still meetings cn't do any worse, so it's always worth a try

Re: GA meetings - Poster David - 19-06-2011

Dear Millerman,

The best way to find out what happens at Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings, is to go to one. Do they work? Let us know what you think when you've been to a few. Meeting locations, times and days can be found on the "home" page under "meetings".

Yours in GA unity

'Poster' David

Re: GA meetings - Guest - 20-06-2011

Are they worth going to, heck yeah!!!!! Best thing i ever did was get myself to my meeting. Week by week, slowly but surely i'm putting more distance between me and gambling. A day at a time things are getting better.
Do they work? Yes, if your willing to put in the effort and follow the program, it works. Just go with an open mind and you won't look back.