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My first post - shaunsmitht - 11-07-2011

Hi, my names Shaun at i'm 28 and finally after years of lieing to myself and everybody round me, i have admitted that i have a gambling problem. I have told my family and to my suprise they have supported me which has been great if not slightly overwelming...

My problem first started when i won a lot of money on the horses and instead of buying a new car and putting the rest in a savings account. You guessed it, i blew it all. I then convinced myself that as i had won big before i would again and i have now racked up thousands in credit and loan debt and i'm currently suspended from my work pending disciplenery actions.

Even though all this is going on, i haven't had a bet in 5 days and i'm adement i will not give in and i'm attending my first GA meeting tomorrow.

I will update this thread as i go along but just wanted to say hi and also a big thanks to the guys in the live chat that i have just spoken to. It was really good to talk to people that understand what i'm going through.

Speak soon.


Re: My first post - shaunsmitht - 20-07-2011

Update on my last week.

I attended my first GA session last monday which was really good even though for some reason i was nervous and i attended my second session this monday which also went well. I feel that these meetings are invaluable and i can see the benefit in attending already.

The one day at a time really works for me as there is so much going on that if i looked any further forward i would not be able to cope.

Long way to go but i'm at least on the road.

Still not had a bet since 7th July.