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maidstone meeting......very anxious!!! - ownworstenemy - 22-07-2011

hi im new and am hoping to attend the maidstone meeting....
im quite anxious and nervous,
will i be the only girl and will i be forced to talk?
im not very great with crowds so are the maidstone meeting very busy?
thanks very much in advance

Re: maidstone meeting......very anxious!!! - PatrickWes - 23-07-2011

Hi own,

I myself am a compulsive gambler and only recently seeked help, went to my first meeting last thursday. I was really nervous to start with, thought there was no way I was going to be able to speak and didn't think I would feel one bit comfortable. But I was made to feel so welcome and rather than feeling ashamed, embarassed and uncomfortable it was far from it. I felt releived to see and speak to so many people with the same problem that truly truly understand. It was awesome words can't describe how uplifting it was. I commented on a couple of "therapys" (thats what they call it when people talk) and gave my own. Please give it a go. I am 26 and have been a compulsive gambler since a very early age and over the years spiralled out of control. I knew I needed help and couldn't do it alone and found help. Now I feel I can beat this as I hope you will and do. One day at a time. I last gambled monday 18th july 2011. Good luck.

My name is Dave and I am a compulsive gambler.