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Please give me the STRENGTH - Swcnhul - 05-08-2011

Morning my name is Gary

Once again Im sitting down on my own, feeling exhausted, drained,tired,suicidal,empty,lost,all due to another heavy loss. Why do I do this, knowing from experience the heartache and stress it causes WHY. Again I have vowed inside myself never to gamble again, but im hoping that by sharing how I feel to others, this may help in my recovery.

I would appreciate any feedback from others who share this repulsive addiction and any advice would be great.

I have a fantastic wife, and two brilliant kids, who dont no the extent of my problem. For the sake of myself and my wonderful family, I AM GOING TO STOP.

I have now cancelled all betting sites online, where my problems started.

Hoping all this makes sense to anyone that reads this, has my mind is totally fried.