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Sinking to Depths i never thought possible - wangman28 - 08-08-2011

Hi my name is marko.
some of you may have read my previous posts.about what gambleing has done to me and my family.
Well i managed to stay clean for nearly a month.then i got a so called free bounes from a on line casino.and i won a lot thousands.well with in 48 hours i had cleaned out my wifes life time savings the amount was in the thousands.
i have not told her yet we were suppose to be having a family holiday in disney land my kids are realy excited,i just cant face telling them that daddy is a greedy selfish, who has spoiled it for them.
i have not eaten or sleep in three days i am takins pills like smarties.
I wont blame her if she calls the police and gets me arrested. because i stole the money even my GP looked at me with horror and loathing when i told him what i had done my wife and kids haave gone through hell with me.because of this compultion.
i am telling this story as a warning it you are trying to stop.block all messages from online casinos.
God bless you all.

Re: Sinking to Depths i never thought possible - benue16 - 11-08-2011

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a compulsive gambler. I used to go to the casino with my ex husband, but I was far more interested in the gambling than he was. Eventually my depression and gambling addiction drove him away... . I have stayed away from gambling for 5 years and was financially stable (but not rich ! just ok) and was managing my financial matters really well..... . Then someone at work started bullying me really badly and I just felt so depressed that I though if I can win some money, I can escape from her !. I had some gambling software installed on my computer, but ironically it failed !!!. I tried to download it again, but by then i had lost several thousand pounds and was on the road to no return trying to recoup my losses and panicking. This resulted in me losing a lot of money which i have had to borrow. I feel so stupid and ashamed of myself, every day since i have felt sick and angry for being such a loser. My poor daughter knows what has happened, how bad is that... her mum is a compulsive gambler and my boyfriend whom I don't live with has no idea that this is the person i am. I feel like a cheat and a liar. God so sorry to sound so depressed, but I am. I have now installed a new gaming block software which has been successful and I banned myself from all the local casinos around 6 years ago. I think the worst thing is punishing yourself with the thought of what that money could of been spent on, its soul destroying. Try not to think of it, just try and look to the future however hard that may be.... . I am really going to beat this and work hard to regain the money that I have lost, thats all i can do I am never going to give the casinos my money again. I just wish everyone who shares this terrible addiction the strength to beat it. Kind Regards to all xx