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me myself and I - josh123 - 14-08-2011

Hi my name is Josh, I am 25 years old. And have now after about 10 years of gambling hit rock bottom.

I dnt really no what to do.

its all just a bit weird its like i am hypnotised by the roulette wheel. i am finacially very unstable, surrounded by debt and really am here for any advise that can be given.

Re: me myself and I - barrieexgambler - 15-08-2011

Hi Josh,
Welcome to the forum, my name is Barrie and I am a compulsive gambler.

Firstly and most importantly I was the same as you, always in a mess, hypnotised by fruit machines.

I said ENOUGH, admitted I was powerless over gambling, it had beaten me. Then I started to live life One day at a time and the most important words I can utter in that day were "just for today I will not gamble" and when I rested my head on the pillow at night I said "thankyou because today I did not gamble"

Life than gets slowly better but I put all the barriers in place, barred myself from all places, gave up control of money and looked to a higher power to guide me.

One HUGE step is admission and that can only be found inside a GA meeting amongst others who UNDERSTAND.

I urge you to try this...or spend the next ten years in the same situation.

Take Care.


Re: me myself and I - Freddie - 29-08-2011

Hi Josh I am in the same place at rock bottom. same problem of roulette, ilooking on here coz i dont know what to do......or what i will do next.
Did you go to any meets iask coz i wonder if they helped you,i am scared to go but need to facce my demons, just wondering weather to go to a meeting........ thanks Freddie