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Re: How important was admission for you? - helen - 23-08-2011

Hi, These are my own personal experiences and I would like to share them with you.
I gambled for all of my adult life and myself and others thought I was a 'hopeless' case and that there was nothing out there that could or would help me from this disease. I gambled and didn't know how to stop. I had tried half heartly over the years many things but after being in and out of GA fotr quite awhile I finally made step 1 and admitted that I needed help with addiction. I believe it was 'MY GOD' that finally got me to that step and my belief that has now kept me away from gambling for a longwhile. I live only a day at a time and sometimes still and hour at a time depending on the situation. But I live a beautiful, peaceful life surrounded with my many friends from the GA program and God grant me I will for the rest of my life.
Give it a try you have nothing else to lose.